Call for Positions

Call for Positions

Critics’ Week Conference 2020

Film criticism as agenda: the Berlin Critics’ Week presents international films, a selection based on the principle of discussing the most stimulating works. From 19-27 February International critics and filmmakers will discuss politics and aesthetics, preferences and rejection, new forms of distribution and perception. How do we watch films? Which films are we longing for? What constitutes cinema?

For the past four years, the Critics’ Week has begun with a kick-off conference taking place on the first day at various locations allowing for detailed debates on urgent questions of film culture. So far, the focus of this format has been on German cinema, political film, the philosophy of audience concepts and Christoph Schlingensief’s artistic methodology. In 2020, the event will for the first time not be devoted to a single topic, but deal with a variety of publicly emerging questions and statements by filmmakers and critics.

We hereby invite individuals, initiatives and collectives to discuss their concerns and positions with us and to take a new look at them. We want to find out what has to change in cinema, what has never been finally discussed and what the Critics’ Week has overlooked so far. In addition to statements, questions and theses in the form of discussion inputs and artistic interventions, we are interested in making visible critical methods of film theory and practice, for which we are happy to jointly develop suitable forms of mediation. Proposals for discussion and presentation formats beyond the stage (e.g. workshops or world cafés) are therefore particularly welcome.

Until 10 December we will collect suggestions for such impulses. In December, we will then develop possible forms of presentation. We support the travel and accommodation of all speakers. Depending on the financing status of the project, additional fees are planned for the speeches. The conference will take place on 19 February. Elena Friedrich will accept the submissions at