The debates of the 3rd Berlin Critics’ Week

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The debates of the 3rd Berlin Critics’ Week

The debates of the 3rd Berlin Critics’ Week

Peaches, Liu Zhenyun, Irene von Alberti, Armin Linke – The debates of the 3rd Berlin Critics’ Week Certainly filmmakers and film critics, but also writers, authors, and a musician — this is but a small illustration of the diversity of professions and approaches represented by the guests of Berlin Critics’ Week 2017. Organised by the German film critics’ association, the event encompasses seven nights of film screenings, each followed by a debate on topics from film culture, politics and aesthetics — all inaugurated with an opening conference on the eve of the festival. Berlin Critics’ Week is being supported for the second time by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education. The topic of the opening conference, the role of politics in contemporary filmmaking, will be picked up again at several points during the week. This will be the case when Berlin based filmmaker Irene von Alberti talks with the Venezuelan journalist Manuel Silva-Ferrer about the relationship between the machinery of film production and the political apparatus which it is a part of (Apparatus, February 14). The musician Peaches and the film curator Julian Ross will shed light on how the aesthetics of subcultures, often associated with minorities, make their way into mainstream culture and to what effect (Breakout, Feb. 11). Politics is also at play in the closing night debate on “Exuberance”. What is the potential for a different kind of political filmmaking, one that does not focus on the transmission of a narrow message, but multiplies its narrative means? How can an abundance of Form and narration invite the public to develop its own imagination (Exuberance, Feb. 19)? This year for the second time, support for Berlin Critics’ Week comes from the Federal Agency for Civic Education, which has been fostering critical debate about film in the context of political education for many years. This support strengthens the event’s core concept of pairing films with debates and igniting discussion at the intersection of politics and aesthetics. Following the opening conference “Lost in Politics” on the night of February 8 at silent green Kulturquartier, the screenings of the third Berlin Critics’ Week will take place from February 9 through 16, 2017 at Hackesche Höfe Kino, Berlin. All events start at 8pm. Ticket sales and further information at The complete program of Berlin Critics’ Week 2017:

Thursday, 2/9/2017

Future The Human Surge (El auge del humano) D: Eduardo Williams, AR/BR/PT 2016, 100 min. It is instruments and people who presently cast predictions for our future. Visions are but calculable projections. Can cinema liberate the speculative mind and stimulate future ventures? Guests: Armin Linke, photographer and filmmaker // Dana Linssen, film critic // director Eduardo Williams will be present.

Friday, 2/10/2017

Scope Green White Green D: Abba T. Makama, NG 2016, 102 min. Sarah Winchester (Sarah Winchester, opéra fantôme) D: Bertrand Bonello, FR 2016, 24 min. We tackle the rules — be they blindly followed or circumvented. We track positions and their genealogy. A discussion on what it might be to give licence to and foster the plurality of perspectives. Guests: Didi Cheeka, film critic // Jutta Brückner, author and director // director Abba T. Makama will be present.

Saturday, 2/11/2017

Breakout Aroused by Gymnopedies (Jimunopedi ni midareru) D: Isao Yukisada, JP 2016, 81 min. The Headless Appearance D+DP: Bori Máté, HU 2017, 2 min. An outside perspective does often overlook an inner truth. Throughout a film’s career, how are works of art labeled and placed behind barcodes? We explore ideas of borders and points of access. Guests: Julian Ross, film programmer // Peaches, musician

Sunday, 2/12/2017

Unfinished California Dreams D: Mike Ott, US 2017, 85 min. Incomplete versions of works are common in most fields of artistic practice. Can the defined materiality of film embrace notions of art given over to the primacy of an ongoing process? Guests: Violeta Kovacsics, film critic // Margit Schild, artist // director Mike Ott will be present

Tuesday, 2/14/2017

Apparatus I Am Not Madame Bovary (Wo bu shi Pan Jinlian) D: Feng Xiaogang, CN 2016, 139 min. The machinery of film manufacturing and distribution inscribes itself within a political order. How does machinery and system regulate and readjust each other and can one exist without the other? Guests: Irene von Alberti, director and producer // Manuel Silva-Ferrer, journalist and scholar // screenwriter Liu Zhenyun will be present

Wednesday, 2/15/ 2017

Vertigo Let the Summer Never Come Again (Lass den Sommer nie wieder kommen) D+DP: Alexandre Koberidze, C: Mate Kevlischvili, Giorgi Bochorishvili, DE 2017, 202 min., Georgian OmU – WP Confronting the cinematic image is always associated with a certain loss of control. The avantgarde could not have made this relation more explicit. What makes our heads spin, we ask, and what state of mind is vertigo, really? Director Alexandre Koberidze is present. Guests: Ruth Anderwald, artist and curator // Pip Chodorov, filmmaker and distributor // director Alexandre Koberidze will be present

Thursday, 2/16/2017

Exuberance Planetarium D: Rebecca Zlotowski, FR/BE 2016, 106 min. Fuddy Duddy D: Siegfried A. Fruhauf, AT 2016, 5 min. When designed to convey a message or impart a particular feeling, films are strictly regulated products. How — as a creative counterpoint — are rich and meandering works to be constructed? Guests: Hannah Pilarczyk, film critic, among others The BERLIN CRITICS’ WEEK is organized by the German Film Critics Association (Verband der deutschen Filmkritik e.V.). funded by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education.

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