Wednesday, Feb. 14., 6:30pm Conference: Painting by numbers? [Details] Location: Cabuwazi Tempelhof Thursday, Feb. 15., 8pm Trust and Art [Details] Film: SCARY MOTHER Friday, Feb. 16., 8pm Opening Politics [Details] Films: THE BIG HOUSE & 8th OCTOBER 2016 Saturday, Feb. 17., 8pm A Sense of Structures [Details] Film: YET TO RULE Sunday, Feb. 18., 8pm Humor and Fragility [Details] Films: WAITING FOR APRIL & MRS. HYDE Tuesday, Feb. 20., 8pm Irony or Anarchy? [Details] Films: AIR TIME & SEARCHING FOR OSCAR Pub Debate: Berlinale 2020 Location: Anna Koschke Wednesday, Feb. 21., 8pm Claiming Transformation [Details] Films: LA BOUCHE & THE RUB Thursday, Feb. 22., 8pm Embracing Extremes [Details] Film: HAGAZUSSA Sunday, Feb. 25. Re-runs of all films (accreditations not valid) 10am SCARY MOTHER Noon LA BOUCHE & THE RUB 1:30pm THE BIG HOUSE & 8TH OCTOBER 2016 3:45pm AIR TIME & SEARCHING FOR OSCAR 5:30pm YET TO RULE 7:15pm WAITING FOR APRIL & MRS. HYDE 10:30pm HAGAZUSSA