22. Feb

20:00, Hackesche Höfe Kino

22. Feb


D: Sharon Lockhart, DOP: Rodolfo Sanchez, BR/US 1999, 41 min., without dialogue, 35mm

TEATRO AMAZONAS is one of the most impressive films made by artist Sharon Lockhart, well-known for her work on the intersections between cinema and photography. She invited citizens of Manaus into the eponymous opera house to shoot a film which reflects upon the routines of ethnographic cinema, and also, from a wider angle, on the perception of art institutions: a 30-minute unblinking shot documents every movement from the crowd while they watch a performance of avant-garde music. The film sparked debate after its screening at the Forum of the Berlinale.



D: Ariadine Zampaulo, C: Sabina Tembe, Fernando Macamo, Luis Napaho, Silvana Pombal, DOP: David Gross, BR/MZ 2022, 60 min., Portuguese Original with English subtitles German premiere

In Maputo Nakuzandza or “Maputo, I love you”, Ariadine Zampaulo unfolds an urban symphony somewhere between fiction and documentary, dedicated to Mozambique’s capital. A young runaway bride makes her escape, scored by the sounds of the local radio station, interwoven with this, the struggles between men and women, inhabitants and the territory, come to the surface – in scenes but also between scenes, through the musicality of the montage.



D: Dominique Loreau, DOP: Antoine-Marie Meert, BE 2022, 62 min., French/Dutch/Chinese Original with English subtitles – German premiere 

Cinema for the so-called anthropocene! Chinese mitten crabs crawl and swim through Dominique Loreau’s stirring essay, which elegantly interweaves their lives with ours. It has been roughly a hundred years since the animals were accidentally imported to Europe. Now, in Flanders, they are despised and hunted, as they sometimes pass through cities on their long journeys across the country. But Loreau also discovers children who are curious to learn about these migrants. Under the eye of a camera, the crabs carry questions of perception with them. How does a crab see the world? In China the creatures are a delicacy, and a feast soon unfolds before our eyes, letting us experience a different kind of relationship between the species. What unites all the encounters is a truth which can’t be shattered: Eriocheir sinensis is, eventually, at the mercy of Homo sapiens.



On dream spaces: we discuss togetherness and apartness in the places where mammals and other creatures encounter objects and buildings: in cities, in the cinema and beyond – until we reach areas only cameras can show.

Guests: Salomé Lamas, Dominique Loreau, Senthuran Varatharajah, Ariadine Zampaulo

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