Podcast 2023

Woche der Kritik Podcast 2023

Our new Berlin Critics’ Week Podcast 2023

This year, we will complement Berlin Critics’ Week with a podcast series. We will be drawing thematically on our opening conference Cinema of Care – Who looks after film culture?, and approaching the topic of care from a variety of different angles. Drawing connections between cinema, art, and society, we will ask a range of interviewees about how they relate to care and caring – and to film.

Petra Palmer will talk to Isabelle Graw (art critic and editor of the magazine Texte zur Kunst) about friendship and other dynamics. Patrick Holzapfel will be asking three guests what it might mean not to care about film. In conversation with the director Helena Wittmann (Human Flowers of Flesh, Drift), he will philosophize about sleeping in the cinema during films; he will talk to porn director, producer, and actor Paulita Pappel (Pornfilmfest Berlin) about sex in cinema; and he will discuss with film critic Lucas Barwenczyk (Filmdienst) the question of when he leaves the cinema. We will release these conversations on a rolling basis during Berlin Critics’ Week.

Episode #01: Cinema of Care – Friendship and other Dynamics

15. 02. 2023

Petra Palmer (Berlin Critics’ Week) talks to Isabelle Graw (art critic and editor of the magazine Texte zur Kunst).

In her two most recent books, In Another World and On the Benefits of FriendshipIsabelle Graw has dealt intensively with themes such as family, loss and different forms of friendship. From an autofictional perspective, she does not lose sight of the general relevance. Petra Palmer talks to her about friendship in the context of the concept of care.

Episode #02: I care, I don’t care: Sleeping in the cinema, with Helena Wittmann

22. 02. 2023

Patrick Holzapfel talks to filmmaker Helena Wittmann about sleeping and dreaming in the cinema as an active experience of openness.

Episode #03: I care, I don’t care: Leaving the cinema early, with Lucas Barwenczik

22. 02. 2023

Patrick Holzapfel talks to film critic Lucas Barwenczik about rattling doors, enchanting cinema-goers, toilet breaks and other urgent reasons to storm out of the cinema hall or not to go in at all.

Episode #04: Sex in the cinema, with Paulita Pappel

22. 02. 2023

Patrick Holzapfel talks to porn film producer and curator of the Pornfilmfest Berlin Paulita Pappel about the conservative and the desirable handling of sex and pornography in the cinema context.