11. Feb

20:00, Hackersche Höfe Kino

11. Feb


D: Ekaterina Selenkina, C: Denis Urvantsev, DOP: Alexey Kurbatov, RU/NL 2021, 73 min., russische OwEs – German Premiere

A young man views Moscow on his computer– he sees very little glamour. He leaves his house, visiting shady locations where he hides small packages for customers to find. What appears as a harmless game is revealed to be a dangerous job, because even the mere possession of drugs is severely punished in Russia. Shadowing the real and virtual movements of her protagonist, with occasional lyric digressions, Ekaterina Selenkina develops a sophisticated dramaturgy that sketches a topography of the city, and highlights the structures of Russian society, both abstract and concrete. An elegant film that celebrates divergence.


D: Adam Khalil, Bayley Sweitzer with Oba, C: Adam-Rashad Glenn, Jack Sockett, Jerry G Angelo, Sarah Kerr, Steve Holmgren, Oba, DOP: Alex Ashe, US 2021, 33 min., engl. OV – German Premiere

An anti-colonialist vampire film, spanning five centuries, from 1492 to the current day. Christopher Columbus is a bloodsucker. He bites the protagonist Oba, turning him into a loyal henchman who helps Columbus enslave the Indigenous peoples. And then there’s the 21st-century, older version of Oba, now a musician and chef who is struggling to renew his green card. Weed and the teachings of Jamaican activist Marcus Garvey and Haile Selassie, the former Emperor of Ethiopia, free his consciousness and make him human again, empowering him to resist his enslavement. NOSFERASTA: FIRST BITE is a bold, collaborative narrative that searches for a new kind of cinematic truth, and that does not shy away from uncomfortable questions of representation.

Debate TRIPPING – February 11.

Two cinematic trips taken under the influence of drugs. What drives them, however, is an exploration of both urban and mental terrains through cinematic movements. What techniques and strategies do the filmmakers use to survey space and time? How do they distill ideas such as “society” and “history” in a sensual manner? And what stumbling blocks do they encounter along the way?

 Guests: Almudena Escobar López, Adam Khalil, Bayley Sweitzer, Fabian Saul and Vladimir Nadein