Koschke #2: The Publication of Berlin Critics’ Week 2019

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Koschke #2: The Publication of Berlin Critics’ Week 2019

Koschke #2: The Publication of Berlin Critics’ Week 2019

For the second time, we’re publishing a book to accompany Berlin Critics’ Week: “Koschke”.

In it, we comment on this year’s programme in a variety of forms that closely reflect our impressions of the films. These pieces are accompanied by essays, interviews and collages on a wider range of topics that currently preoccupy us. Important developments in cinema, film criticism and festivals are just as central as the inspiration – for ourselves and others – that we hope from the work of Christoph Schlingensief. Alongside a collection of archival photographs, contemporary voices and memories, we asked colleagues from Thailand, Brazil, France and the USA to look for kindred spirits to Schlingensief amongst today’s filmmakers.

With the recently appointed festival directors Lili Hinstin (Locarno), Eva Sangiorgi (Viennale) and Tricia Tuttle (London), we discussed curation and necessary as well as misguided gender questions. In their fictional short story, Franz Friedrich and Valeria Gordeev imagine an alternative future for film criticism and film culture as a whole.

“Koschke #2” includes contributions by Erika Balsom, Michelle Carey, Jan Bachmann, Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, Carol Almeida, Kong Rithdee, Eugenio Renzi, Mónica Savirón, Jendrik Walendy, Dunja Bialas, Daniela Persico, Vivien Buchhorn, Frédéric Jaeger, Dennis Vetter and Nino Klingler. Managing editor was Giovanni Marchini Camia. The book was designed by Matthias Neumann and Judith Jakob.

Overview of the contents

For the first time, “Koschke” is published in cooperation with Synema Verlag Vienna.

During the Berlin Critics’ Week, it will be available for purchase at Hackesche Höfe Kino (as well as at the Volksbühne on February 6) for a reduced price of 8 euros. From February 16, it will be available through bookstores and from Synema at the regular price of 16 euros.

176 pages, colour, different page formats. ISBN 978-3-901644-79-5.