FOYER: Dir+DOP.: Ismaïl Bahri, FRA/TUN 2016, 32 min., Arabic/French OwEs
OUMOUN: Dir.+DOP: Fairuz Ghammam, El Moïz Ghammam, BEL/TUN 2017, 14 min., Arabic/French OwEs
THIS DAY WON’T LAST: Dir.+DOP: Mouaad el Salem, BEL/TUN 2020, 26 min., Arabic OwEs

Ismaïl Bahri takes his camera to the streets and lets chance take over: In FOYER, a sheet of paper blocks the lens, the wind becomes an editor, and the noise of the city mixes with the friendly inquiries of passersby and grows into a stream of stories, wishes and complaints. With OUMOUN, Fairuz and El Moïz Ghammam interrogate the memories of an individual, their grandmother, who is preoccupied by the quotidian rhythms of life. Mouaad el Salem, on the other hand, looks toward the future of Tunisia — a country that threatens to punish queer lives. THIS DAY WON’T LAST touches upon the question of whether uprooting is inevitable for those who want to grow.

We present this curated short film program in cooperation with the Courtisane Festival.


Dir.: Farida Pacha, DOP: Lutz Konermann, GER/SUI/IND 2021, 92 min., Hindi, OwEs – German Premiere

Maniama R., Sini Kuriakose and Dr. Reena Sharma work at the free palliative care organization CanSupport in New Delhi. Through home visits, they look after Hanif, Meherchand and Munni Devi, who are all suffering from late-stage cancer. The workers care for the patients’ ailing bodies, discuss symptoms, give medication, advise their families and support them with applications and decisions. Filmmaker Farida Pacha and her director of photography Lutz Konermann capture in calm, observational black-and-white images the hope for a cure as well as the longing for an end.

We present this film in cooperation with the Mumbai Film Festival.

Debate: SEE THROUGH – March 5, 8 PM

In collaboration with the Mumbai Film Festival and the Courtisane Festival, we have created two program slots which will hopefully open a discussion on the nature of film festivals. Under the keyword SEE THROUGH we take a peek behind images to find out what it means to shoot, select, publicly screen and discuss them. A curatorial debate about expertise, the unrepresentable and how every point of view carries a perspective on the world.

Guests: Stoffel Debuysere, Kalpana Nair, Greg de Cuir Jr., Kirsten Johnson
Moderation: Dennis Vetter