Call For Films

Call For Films

Call For Films

The Berlin Critics’ Week presents seven evenings of film screenings with debates and an opening conference during the time of Berlinale, one of the largest film festivals in the world. Every year we are looking for the most stimulating new perspectives of filmmaking to foster interdisciplinary conversations on the present and future of cinema from aesthetic and political perspectives. The films we show are curated by an international committee of film critics which changes annually. The 7th edition of the Critics’ Week will be held from February 10-18, 2021.

For the first time we are officially accepting a limited number of film submissions, which will be considered for inclusion in the program alongside the curated selection, in order to expand the scope of the selection and explore current tendencies within filmmaking more deeply. 

We are looking forward to consider your work! In case you would like to submit a film, please fill out the form below. We do not charge any kind of fee, but we will accept submissions only in combination with a statement (at least 150 words) describing why your film should be screened at Critics’ Week or in which way it could spark a debate in the frame of our event.

Please mind the following aspects before submitting a film:

  • We will consider works in progress and films released since March 2020
  • In case your film is still a work in progress we will need you to provide a finished cut until the end of the year. Depending on the individual work we can accept a film still in the grading and sound editing process.
  • The last deadline for submissions is October 25th, 2020. Due to our capacities we can only consider a limited amount of submissions. Potentially, this call will be closed before the deadline, so get yours in early. We will consider both feature-length and short films equally. 
  • In the frame of this call for films, Critics’ Week will not consider works which were screened in Competitions at A-list festivals or the other international Critics’ Weeks.
  • Please only submit films which we could present as a German cinema premiere.
  • We can currently not screen analogue films, this limitation might change in the future.
  • For your submissions we set no limitation in terms of duration or form, but since we have the intention of presenting our selection in a cinema setting we can not consider multi-channel works.
  • Due to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic there is a slight possibility we might need to refrain from cinema screenings, please consider whether an online screening is an option for you and hit the corresponding field.

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